Thursday, June 26, 2014

too much long novel titles ranking

You enjoy a lot of anime, and some of them were made from novels called lite novel.
Lite novels doesn't take up difficult problem, human relation ship, high level speciallity intelligence.
It is written for teenager mainly, and the themes are fantasy or Sci-Fi or just harem.
A few years ago, Oreimo(or Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai) was thought long title.
it was translated to "My little sister couldn't be this pretty".

Nowadays, lite novel titles become longer and longer.
I introduce you a little of crazy long titles.

the 3rd(29letters in Japanese)
誰もが恐れるあの委員長が、ぼくの専属メイドになるようです。 (電撃文庫)
Dare moga osoreru ano iinchou ga boku no senzoku meido ni naruyou desu.
title translation
The head class representative who was be scared by everyone may belong exclusively to me as maid.

the 2nd(36letters in Japanese)
名門校の女子生徒会長がアブドゥル=アルハザードのネクロノミコンを読んだら (一迅社文庫)
Meimonkou no joshi seito kaichou ga Abdul Alhazred no Necronomicon wo yondara.
title translation 
If the president girl of the student council of a school with a high reputation reads the Necronomicon written by Abdul Alhazred.

the 1st(41letters in Japanese)
恋人にしようと生徒会長そっくりの女の子を錬成してみたら、オレが下僕になっていました (一迅社文庫)
Koibito ni siyouto seitokaichou sokkuri no onnanoko wo rensei site mitara ore ga geboku ni natte imasita
title translation 
I try to alchemize a girl who looks like the president girl of the student council to be my girl friend, but finally I become slave of her. 


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