Saturday, June 14, 2014

Japanese character goods sales ranking

The latest character goods ranking 201401~201406.

the 3rd
Funassyi cushion
ふなっしー 添い寝抱き枕(全長:約40cm) (千葉県船橋市 非公認ご当地キャラクター)

Do you know him?
He is unofficail character of Funabashi city.
He is famous because he screams and move eccentrically.

 the 2nd
 Danboard keyholder(Yotsuba&!)  
よつばと! ダンボーストラップ (キャラクター雑貨)  

the 1st
Ren sou hou chan ,or multiple gun chan(Kantai collection) 
艦隊これくしょん 島風の連装砲ちゃんチャーム

Kantai collection is online game and its category is battle ship tactical simulation with cuty girls.

When they are damaged, the cloth are torn.
This is the most hot game among Japanese otakus.
In latest comic market, the second kinds of its indie books sold.(The first was Touhou.)
It has decided to be animated, so it will be in fashion all over the world soon.

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