Sunday, June 29, 2014

Strike witches goods

Latest goods
ストライクウィッチーズ2 宮藤 芳佳 Ver.1.5 (1/8スケール PVC製塗装済完成品)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

nico AMV ranking

I picked up the AMVs which doesn't need to understand lyrics in Japanese from Niconico
and make the PV ranking.

the 3rd  2,268,764 PV in niconico
(A Certain Scientific Railgun and K-ON!)

Friday, June 27, 2014


Latest goods
mouse pad
Nami Robin Hancock 
ワンピース 3Dマウスパッド 15周年Ver. ナミ

Thursday, June 26, 2014

too much long novel titles ranking

You enjoy a lot of anime, and some of them were made from novels called lite novel.
Lite novels doesn't take up difficult problem, human relation ship, high level speciallity intelligence.
It is written for teenager mainly, and the themes are fantasy or Sci-Fi or just harem.
A few years ago, Oreimo(or Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai) was thought long title.
it was translated to "My little sister couldn't be this pretty".

Nowadays, lite novel titles become longer and longer.
I introduce you a little of crazy long titles.

the 3rd(29letters in Japanese)
誰もが恐れるあの委員長が、ぼくの専属メイドになるようです。 (電撃文庫)
Dare moga osoreru ano iinchou ga boku no senzoku meido ni naruyou desu.
title translation
The head class representative who was be scared by everyone may belong exclusively to me as maid.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Irregular at Magic High School goods

latest goods
collector's item
All character straps 
魔法科高校の劣等生 ぺたん娘トレーディングラバーストラップ BOX

Gintama goods

latest goods
G.E.M.シリーズ 銀魂 坂田銀時 ver.紅桜


Gintoki fan 
銀魂 扇子 坂田銀時柄

There is more information in detail with links in those pictures.
You can buy them with the links. (ref how to buy with
Calcurating the price in USdollar quickly, divide the yen(orJPY,円,Y with two hoizontal lines) with 100.
I think, buying Japanese anime goods with is the best way,
considering the price and quality.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bleach goods

Latest goods
Ichigo's mask 
BLEACH ブリーチ コスプレ 黒崎一護 虚化 仮面 マスク 黒

2014 summer anime time schedule (eraliest onair)

I made the table of ON-Air time not only japana but also USA and Russia,
however it is useless
if you are not in the environment you contract the Japanese TV and be able to see the program.
7/1 Tue AT-X     Ai Mai Mii: Mousou Catastrophie    あいまいみー ~妄想カタストロフ~
7/2 Wed MX     Bakumatsu Rock    幕末Rock
7/3 Wed MX     Free! Eternal Summer    Free!-Eternal Summer
7/3 Thu MX     Teikyu best selection   てーきゅうベストセレクション
7/3 Thu MX     Glasslip    グラスリップ
7/3 Thu MX     Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen    白銀の意思 アルジェヴォルン
7/4 Fri MX     Tokyo Ghoul    東京喰種トーキョーグール
7/4 Fri TVS    Strange+ 2    真 ストレンジ・プラス
7/4 Fri TBS    Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita.    普通の女子高生が【ろこどる】やってみた
7/4 Fri TBS    Rail Wars!    RAIL WARS! 
7/5 Sat TX     PriPara    プリパラ
7/5 Sat Nico     Sailor Moon Crystal    美少女戦士セーラームーンCrystal 
7/5 Sat AT-X     Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49    少年ハリウッド -HOLLY STAG
7/5 Sat MX     Sword Art Online II (Season 2)    ソードアート・オンラインⅡ
7/6 Sun MX     Aldnoah.Zero    アルドノア・ゼロ
7/6 Sun NTV     Sengoku Basara: Judge End    戦国BASARA Judge End
7/6 Sun NTV     Barakamon    ばらかもん
7/6 Sun MX     Jinsei    人生相談テレビアニメーション 「人生」 
7/6 Sun MX     uratetsu   毎度!浦安鉄筋家族 
7/6 Sun MX     Sabagebu!    さばげぶっ!
7/6 Sun MX     Space Dandy 2 (Season 2)    スペースダンディ シーズン2
7/7 Mon MX     Akame ga Kill!    アカメが斬る!
7/7 Mon TX     Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun    月刊少女野崎くん
7/7 Mon BS11     Himegoto    ひめゴト 
7/8 Tue MX     Ao Haru Ride    アオハライド
7/8 Tue TX     Hana Yamata    ハナヤマタ
7/8 Tue TX     Re:_Hamatora (Season 2)    Re:_ハマトラ
7/9 Wed MX     Momo Kyun Sword    モモキュンソード
7/9 Wed AT-X     Majimoji Rurumo    まじもじるるも
7/9 Wed MX     Encouragement of Climb (Season 2)    ヤマノススメ セカンドシーズン
7/10 Thu MX    Love Stage!!    LOVE STAGE!!
7/10 Thu MX    Fate/kaleid Prisma Illya 2wei (Second Season)    Fate/kaleid linerプリズマイリア 2wei!
7/11 Fri CX    Zankyou no Terror    残響のテロル
7/11 Fri CX    Psycho-Pass 2 (Season 2)    PSYCO-PASS 新編集版
7/11 Fri MBS    Persona 4: The Golden Animation    Persona4 the Golden
7/11 Fri MBS    Black Butler: Book of Circus (Season 3)    黒執事 Book of Circus
7/12 Sat MX    Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha!?    六畳間の侵略者!? 
7/12 Sat MX    Tokyo ESP    東京ESP
7/12 Sat CX    Nobunaga concerto   信長協奏曲 
7/14 Mon AT-X    Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance     精霊使いの剣舞 
7/16 Wed MX    Hanamonogatari    <物語>シリーズ セカンドシーズン「花物語」

Is there mistake?
Please tell me.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bleach goods

Latest goods
フィギュアーツZERO 松本乱菊

Naruto goods

Latest goods
G.E.M.シリーズ NARUTO-ナルト-疾風伝 はたけカカシ ver.暗部

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pixiv monthly ranking (june)

Pixiv is a Japanese biggest illustration contribution site.
I'll show you the all genreranking.

the 3th
Kisaragi Momo (Kagerou project)

Free! goods

Latest goods
figma 七瀬 遙 (ノンスケール ABS&PVC 塗装済み可動フィギュア)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Girls und Pantzer Goods

Latest goods
nendoroid sets 
ねんどろいどぷち ガールズ&パンツァー (ノンスケール ABS&PVC塗装済みトレーディング可動フィギュア 12個入りBOX)

Катюша симпатичная!!

MMD cute girls dancing ranking

It has been hot day.
Let's get coolish feeling to see dancing girls with swim suit.

So, I will show you the PV ranking of tageed [MMD for gentlemen] in niconico.
(MMD stands for Miku Miku Dance. Free 3D modeling soft)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hatsune Miku Goods

Latst goods
fashion item

Racing Miku sports towel 
レーシングミク 2014 ver. マイクロファイバースポーツタオル

You know Hatsune miku is vocaloid.
This racing Miku costume appears in projectDIVA which is sound action game for PSVita.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Goods

Latest goods
 Madoka yukata ver  nendoroid

劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ ねんどろいど 鹿目まどか 浴衣Ver. (ノンスケール ABS&APVC塗装済み可動フィギュア)

Foolish plastic bottle use way

In japanese convienient store, there are Idol master plasticbottle.

That's it filled with green tea.

Ultimate Iori lover producer discovered the new way to drink.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love Live goods

Latest goods
ラブライブ! 高坂穂乃果 (1/8スケール PVC製塗装済み完成品)

funny hugging pillow

Ordinary otaku's hugging pillow covers are like that.
Kongou(Kantai collection) 艦隊これくしょん 抱き枕カバー 金剛

Squid girl 侵略!イカ娘 抱き枕カバー イカ娘

Sleeping with those cuty girl, Japanese Otakus feel happy.
(The pictures above are still better than others.
 Almost all hugging pillow covers are too sexy to show on this blog.
 Passionate otakus who have technological innovation capability develop the seduce pillows with  some kind of  "toys".)

On the basically, hugging pillow covers are enjoyed its cuty, 
but sometimes theare are very complex one for normal people.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ghostory goods

Latest goods
Fashion items
Hitagi fan 
化物語 布扇子

 Fan for fun!

Japanese cosplay ranking(2014 spring)

Japanese cosplayer SNS [Cosplayers Archieves] announced the ranking.
It is the ranking which count the number of people who did some character's cosplay.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sword Art Online goods

Latest goods
Kirito's Sword  DARK REPULSOR


Latest goods
Straw Hat Pirates final battle suit ver
超造形魂 劇場版「ONE PIECE FILM Z」-決戦用戦闘服- BOX

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fate Goods

Latest goods
figma Fate/stay night セイバー 2.0 (ノンスケール ABS&PVC塗装済み可動フィギュア)

Japanese Otaku Video site ranking

Do you know niconico?
It is the biggest video sharing site in Japan.
Latest otaku culture exists there.
I will show you the popular movies top 5.
(However,you need niconico ID to see the video,
 so I paste the copy video on Youtube)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to buy with

If you buy japanese anime goods, I recommend to use and get the item directly.
The price is the lower, the quality is the better, the shipping fee abroad is cheaper than any other non-japanese shopping site.
Above all, it's trustworthy.

It's very clear way. See official guidance.

It says
shipping time to USA 3to4days
                    to Russia and Europe 3to5days
                    to Asia 2to3days
Shipping rate is here.

And I show you how to make introduction from making account to check.

1, go to and click [in English]

2,[sign in your account] and [start here]

3,write your name,email address, and password. Click [create account]

4,If you find what you need, click [Add to cart]

5,More shopping? Find others again. Add,add, and add to cart.
  Next to that, click [Proceed to checkout]

6,After that, you must input your address(Don't forget to click [add an international address])
  or creditcard number etc.
 The checkout page after this is written in English only and very easy, so I omit explaining.
  Now you complete it.