Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pixiv monthly ranking (june)

Pixiv is a Japanese biggest illustration contribution site.
I'll show you the all genreranking.

the 3th
Kisaragi Momo (Kagerou project)

the 2nd
Original characters

Old man hides the fact that he likes marshmallow and the girl who knows the fact pretend to give it.
However, the old man can't beg honestly, so the girl postpones and has fun from old man confused.

the 1st
nice lokking sparrow in neighbor
cool guy         beautiful boy          stunner
macho           handsom                dandy

umm what differs?

They write many kind of pictures.
I made the page of Pixiv all genre ranking,
but it is not so related to anime. lol
Next time, I will show you latest anime illustration ranking.

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