Saturday, June 21, 2014

MMD cute girls dancing ranking

It has been hot day.
Let's get coolish feeling to see dancing girls with swim suit.

So, I will show you the PV ranking of tageed [MMD for gentlemen] in niconico.
(MMD stands for Miku Miku Dance. Free 3D modeling soft)

the 3rd  
601,702PV in niconico
MEGUpoido on horse riding machine(Vocaloid) 

Horse riding machine series are popular in niconico.
They just riding rodeo training machine like the below picture,
 but why do they feeling pleasure? lol

the 2nd
702,089PV in niconico
Touhou characters dance with butterfly 

It was early days of MMD Video made by hentai. gentlemen.
This video made the pandemic of MMD for gentlemen.

the 1st
805,675PV in niconico
Touhou characters dance with blue jeans  
MMD】まっさらブルージーンズ 姉御 & 藍様【東方】

The technology of MMD improves steadly.
The body looks like real human.

On this article, the videos link from niconico directoly.
It seems to be require Java.
Just in case you can't see them on this blog,
directly  page links exist on video title in Japanese.
Or If you need, I'll paste the same video on youtube(but bad picture quality...),
so please comment it.

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