Saturday, June 14, 2014

Japanese comic top sales ranking

 the most sold mangas in Japan!

the 5th
Case Closed (150,000,000 books sold) 
名探偵コナン 腕時計型麻酔銃をモチーフにした腕時計


the 4th
Kochikame(156,500,000 books sold)
こち亀 1/24 亀有公園前派出所

the 3rd 
Dragon ball (157,200,000 books sold)
超造形魂 ドラゴンボールZ 其之十 (BOX)

the 2nd
Golgo13 (200,000,000 books sold)
figma ゴルゴ13

the 1st
ONE PIECE  (300,000,000 books sold)
ONE PIECE 3Dウォールディスプレイ (BOX)

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