Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to buy with

If you buy japanese anime goods, I recommend to use and get the item directly.
The price is the lower, the quality is the better, the shipping fee abroad is cheaper than any other non-japanese shopping site.
Above all, it's trustworthy.

It's very clear way. See official guidance.

It says
shipping time to USA 3to4days
                    to Russia and Europe 3to5days
                    to Asia 2to3days
Shipping rate is here.

And I show you how to make introduction from making account to check.

1, go to and click [in English]

2,[sign in your account] and [start here]

3,write your name,email address, and password. Click [create account]

4,If you find what you need, click [Add to cart]

5,More shopping? Find others again. Add,add, and add to cart.
  Next to that, click [Proceed to checkout]

6,After that, you must input your address(Don't forget to click [add an international address])
  or creditcard number etc.
 The checkout page after this is written in English only and very easy, so I omit explaining.
  Now you complete it.

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