Monday, July 28, 2014

Wonder festibal funny goods

Wonder festibal is thea trade fair obf toys,especially figure.
This year, a lot of company show new model figure.

And the trend of this year is Kantai collection.
It will say the same at comic market, I think..

However, I dont show you trend or ordinal figures.
There are funny figure too in the wonder festival.

Two foots cats from google street view

Kill me baby. yasuna.
sonya(white hair): I will go home!
yasuna(black hair):Wait a moment!

yasuna:On our way home, there is cherry blossom tree.
          Lets go to see them!
sonya: why should we go there?

yasuna:You see them,then you must be moved!
          If you didn't be moved,
          I allow you to bury me under the tree!

And that figure is this.

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