Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tsun-dere character ranking (10,000 japanese otaku chose)

Do you know tsun-dere?
people who normally being cold but at some prompt suddenly becoming lovestruck are tsun-dere.
Tsuntwsun is onomatopoeia of being cold and deredere isone of being lovestruck.
Japanese otaku loves tsun-dere because it is very cute that girl character who hides her love
 and  the GAP between tsun and dere is so good.
So, the many tsun-dere characters exist.
Who is the most popular tsun-dere?

the 5th (458 voted)

the 4th (473 voted)
Maki(Love live)

the 3rd (489voted)
Kirino (Oreimo)

the 2nd (671 voted)

the 1st(921voted)
Mikoto(A Certain Scientific Railgun)

By the way, it is  otaku's common sense that golden ratio of tsun : dere = 9 : :1.
Toomuch dere is notperfect tsundere.

the souce of ranking is i

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