Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Japanese movies box office takings ranking. Almost all are anime or manga!

I will show you the ranking of movie that was made in Japan box office taking.

the 10th pokemon the movie XY  Destructive cocoon and Diancy
             2.9billion yen

the   9th When Marnie Was There
             3.6billion yen

the   8th Doraemon the movie Great deamon and Peko's expedition team 
             3.6billion yen

the   7th Detective Conan the movie different dimentional sniper
             4.1billion yen

the   6th Detective conan vs Lupin the third
             4.3billion yen

the   5th Samurai X (or Rurouni kenshin) live action film legendary dead
             4.3billion yen

the   4th Thermae Romae 2 live actionfilm
             4.4billion yen

the   3rd Samurai X (or Rurouni kenshin) live action film conflagration in Kyoto
              5.2 billion yen

the   2nd Stand by me Draemon
             8.3billion yen

the 1st  The eternal Zero
             8.8billion yen

Except of the eternal Zero, the origins of them are manga or anime.
The non anime movie made in Japan has weak competitive power.

Including movies made in other country, the 1st is the Frozen 
and it's box office takings in Japan is 25.9billion.

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